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Mon, 23 Jan


Douceur Hall

Human Permaculture (PDC)

A 2 week Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), together with Bernard Alonso, world renowned Permaculturalist - with his inspiring "Human Permaculture" method. Bernard offers this in Auroville as a volunteer, through our Comm4unity educational platform.

Human Permaculture (PDC)
Human Permaculture (PDC)

Time & Location

23 Jan 2023, 8:00 am – 04 Feb 2023, 8:00 pm

Douceur Hall, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

About the event


More About the Course & Facilitator:

PDC and +  is a 72hr 'Permaculture Design Certification Course' for every who wants to apply Permaculture principles in their life. Agriculture and farming are only one aspect of this concept.

The course will cover different petals of the Permaculture flower and especially the Human permaculture facilitate by the concept’s creator Bernard Alonso who wrote a book on the topic (see below). We will also be accompanied with a participating 'flying team' of practitioners who already hold permaculture certification.

Participants will gain fundamental understanding of permaculture design to apply anywhere on this planet on different climates zone, since Permaculture is a way to duplicate natural mechanisms taught by 3.8 billions years of experience. You will be able to design integrated productive ecosystems that are capable of meeting all our human needs, whilst benefiting and respecting the environment.

Permaculture design is applicable to any climate, landscape or situation.  We will be learning how to produce high yields of organic fresh food for any family with simple tools and more human solidarity. Permaculture can also be applied small scale farms to broad acre farming and ultimately global ecosystem restoration projects. The course covers sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It includes the application of permaculture principles to food production, home design, construction, energy conservation and generation, and explores alternative economic structures and teamwork strategies supporting permaculture solutions. 

This two full intensive weeks course will consist of a broad range of topics applicable to life anywhere on the planet, at the same time catering to the specific needs of the participating students.

Classic 72hrs PDC Curriculum and +

Plus introduction to:

-  Introduction to Permaculture Concept

-  Concept and Steps of any Design

-  Design Methods

-  Pattern and Models Taught by Nature

-  Climatic Zones and Factors

-  Reacting to Climates Changes

-  Understanding the Soil

-  Threes + Edible Forest Garden

-  Water on all Aspects

-  Local Buildings

-  Waste Management

-  Renewable Energy

-   Social and Human Permaculture

-  Teamwork + the Strength of the Number

-  Life Design

-  Niches Concept

-  Life in Communities

-  Human Permaculture

 Bernard Alonso was formed by Permaculture Permaculture Institute Kooknees (BC) with Gregory Lamoureux, Emilia Hazelip and later with Dave Jacke, the famous author of " Edible Forest Garden". He especially mastered his experience in applying the principles of Permaculture on his farm in Rougemont (Complex farmer he termed "PERMA-Coop." There was managing since 1993 the organic apple orchard, the gardens Mother Nature ( 90 CSA baskets) school of Mother nature (school educational program, where he   more than 10 000 children a year in the framework of visits (school trips) sensitizing youth to nature, ecology and the joys of the farm. He also managed the Farm Equestrian Mont-Rouge, a renowned dressage stable. Since 1995, with the collaboration of the RHA and Gregory Lamoureux British Columbia, he organized on his farm several design courses in permaculture. Students of all ages and backgrounds participated there and some have now become "permaculteurs" wingspan.

Bernard  sits on the board of Nature-Action Québec since 1993 and has been publicly recognized in 2007 for its 20 years of action in the service of the environment. In 1996 its farm project is chosen and exemplified in "ECO-SUMMIT 96".

My ultimate goal is to spread a positive and concrete way, a sustainable living, healthy that is in harmony with the earth, the animals, the plants and also its human inhabitants. To do this, I use Permaculture as a primary tool. Any approach applicable, respectful, serving all, also nests in my vision.

~ Bernard Alonso

He wrought a book about what he call ‘’Human Permaculture’’ .  The ultimate gall of Human permaculture is to provide any child and human been with the necessary tool box to create a  sustainable ‘’life design’’  in order to complete a useful flourishing life.


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